Baby Toys Adjust Volume Dancing Talking Cactus for Boys Girls Singing Recording Mimic Repeating What You Say Toy with 120 English Songs Electronic Light Up Plush Give Kids Gifts


  • 🌵[Upgraded Cactus Baby Toy] Cactus toy adds volume control buttons on the basis of the original 2 buttons, 5 adjustment gears (including mute gears). Dancing and talking cactus comes with 120 cheerful English songs, at the same time cactus toy can also dance with the songs, and cheerful music and dancing can not only attract the baby's attention, singing cactus can also stimulate children interest in singing and dancing, bring many surprises to kids, accompany the kid and make them feel happy.
  • 🌵[Cactus Toy That Repeats What You Say] Baby talking cactus toy can not only sing and dance, dancing cacti also record mimic and repeating what you say, and the voice is processed, the talking cactus will repeat what you say in a very interesting tone, not your original voice, this makes cactus toys very fun, and brings laughter to the kids, family and friend.

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